Dear Arthelia Warren,


Thank you very much for funding my project! The materials purchased were used to feed a group of amazing young student athletes during multiple occasions. Once the goldfish, juices, and granola bars arrived, we immediately began bagging up the items and sent them with our cross country team to their end of year competition. The student’s eyes lit up as they helped me carry the many large boxes. The students were happy to have a snack prepared for them at each game and the parents were appreciative of not having to pay for it.

The snacks were passed out to students attending the end of season volleyball tournament and the boys and girls basketball teams’ away games. Having something to eat before an athletic contest can make a significant difference in team performance. Being hungry can negatively affect the student and is unacceptable. The initial investment in snacks from the school’s end made parents much more open to contributing to the overall stockpile. This has helped us create a sustainable system that allows for snacks to be given to each athlete and each sport at our school.

Knowing that there will be food available is a reassuring feeling for a young child who may not have the luxury at their home. Not having to worry about stomach rumblings during games can lessen their anxiety. I am happy to do such great things for the students at my school. With your continued support, I can continue to improve and create great experiences.

With gratitude,
Mr. S.

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